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Our Piedmont HomeHealth Office Staff

Bob Coil, Owner

After retiring from RJ Reynolds, Bob found he still needed something to keep him busy. He purchased what was then City Nursing in 1994, a company that had been founded in 1970.

Through Bob’s leadership and personal caregiver philosophy, the company has grown fifteen times larger than it was when he took over.

“I insist our employees work at showing our clients we care. Our honesty and integrity are what make us stand out in the industry.”


Bob Cain, Vice President, Marketing

Bob’s expertise comes in navigating the community health resources system. His experience as an assisted living community administrator and later working with a physician specializing in geriatric house calls make him a valuable part of our team.


Michael Coil, Vice President, Client Services

Born and raised in Winston-Salem, Michael is the second generation of the Coil family to manage Piedmont HomeHealth, and is charged with relationship building.

“I like to say that I find the right caregiver for the right client at the right time. My favorite part of my job is getting to meet and interact with our amazing clients.”


Wendy Bowman, Client Service Manager

Wendy is the voice you’re most likely to hear when you call the office. A Germanton native, she handles scheduling requests, staffing concerns and general questions. Wendy joined the Piedmont HomeHealth family in August 2013 as a CNA, and was later promoted to Client Service Manager.

“My father was 73 when he passed away, eight years ago. I grew up around the older generation, and that’s who I’m comfortable around. I enjoy helping people, and look forward to helping your family.”

Her advice for families seeking home care: Trust your instincts. Collect all the information you can, and choose the people you feel most comfortable with.

Our Piedmont HomeHealth Care Team


Anna Coil, Director of Nursing

Anna joined her family’s business in 2013 as a registered nurse. She is charged with nursing assessments, creating plans of care for clients, and new client relationships. She originally joined the family business to help out for a short time, but ended up falling in love with the job and the clients.

“The elderly are such a special population. They have a graciousness that makes the job so rewarding.”


Our Caregivers

With Piedmont HomeHealth, you can rest assured that your loved one is in the care of a well-trained, competent, dependable and trustworthy caregiver. As a family-owned company, we know how important it is to provide your own family with the best possible care. That is why we go to great lengths to ensure all of our staff is the best of the best.

First and foremost, all of our caregivers are registered Certified Nurse Aides. We also require them to have lived in North Carolina for the past five years, which helps them be familiar with our area.  All applicants go through rigorous background checks, including a criminal background check, work history and reference checks, and drug screening. They also go through an interview process where we get to know their personality and help ensure they are the right fit for our company.  Once hired, every new employee meets with our owner, and we get to know them well, before you do.

As a well-respected company in our area, we are blessed to have a lot of qualified people who wish to work for us, and we get great-looking applications all the time. After going through our rigorous screening process, less than 10 percent of all applicants are hired, which can help you feel comfortable that our caregivers are the cream of the crop, hired for their technical skills as well as their character and compassion.

Our caregivers are there for you and your family, providing exceptional care at each and every shift. We make sure they’re there, guaranteeing coverage for every scheduled visit, even if that means arranging transportation if someone’s car breaks down or the roads become icy. We have plans in place for these types of events, and our staff all know what to do.

But most of all, we require that our staff are caring people who want to build a respectful working relationship with their client. We want our client to be an extension of the family, trusted and dependable. We’re there when you need us, without fail.