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Senior Personalized Care

Coordination of Care

Total Home Care

Total home care means allowing family to remain family. That’s our goal at Piedmont HomeHealth. When you visit your loved one, you want your time together to be spent visiting and enjoying each other’s company, not worrying about chores or scheduling appointments. Our services, including coordination of care, enable your loved one to remain in their own home, where they are the most comfortable, while relieving you of the stress and extra burdens that can come with being a caregiver of a family member.


Taking Care of Daily Needs

Whether it’s managing prescription refills, scheduling and attending doctor appointments or going to the grocery store, we are here to do the errand-running so you don’t have to.


Total Home Care

At Piedmont HomeHealth, we believe that home care should encompass all aspects of daily life, not simple medical care. That is where our Total Home Care philosophy comes in to play. Our caregivers are at your loved ones house on a regular basis, sometimes every day, around the clock. They will know when the HVAC unit fails to work, when a faucet starts to leak or when the lawn needs to be mowed. As part of our Total Home Care, we provide help with managing lawn service and keeping the house running, whether that means calling a repairman or being at the house when the cable guy shows up.


Keeping You Informed

Communication with the family is our top priority. Whenever something needs to be fixed or updated around the home, we let you know and get your approval first before going forward with the action. Our CNAs and nurses are also available to attend doctor’s appointments, taking notes and asking questions on the family’s behalf and keeping you informed of the details.