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Key Traits of a Reliable In-home Caregiver

Finding the right in-home caregiver can be a daunting task if you’re doing so for the first time. If your aging parent was living their life independently a couple of months earlier, but now they are unable to carry out the activities of daily living due to their ill health or surgery, then you must give them the care they deserve.

There is little doubt that we all love our parents, however, sometimes, due to our hectic lives, we often do not have the time to provide the type of care and monitoring that they may need.

So, if the health of your aging parent is poor or deteriorating day by day, make sure you book a skilled in-home caregiver for them.

To find the best possible in-home caregiver for your loved one, you have to consider several things. Here’s what you need to look for:


If you live a hectic professional life, you can’t afford to leave your aging parents in the hands of just anyone.  In other words, the caregiver you book for your loved one must be reliable. They must reach your home at the right time, and look after all the needs of your loved one as well as being able to closely follow your instructions for any specific needs your loved one may have. .

For example, if your loved one needs help with cooking or eating, the caregiver should be able to provide this assistance as well.   And, of course, the caregiver should be able and willing to help make sure your loved one is taking medicines, then the caregiver should give it to them at the right time to avoid further problems.

In addition, a good caregiver will pay close attention to the behavior of your loved one and if they find anything unusual, they will inform you quickly so that you can take the necessary action.  The caregiver should also have the ability to behave in a friendly manner with your loved one so that they can rely on them for their emotional needs.


Compassion is one of the most important qualities that you should look for in an in-home caregiver.  Whether your loved one is struggling with a mental illness like depression, a physical impairment that’s affecting their mobility or a condition like Alzheimer’s Disease, the caregiver must treat them with compassion.  

In short, go for a person who can show compassion to your loved one irrespective of how they behave due to their illness.  A good caregiver knows how it feels when a person struggles with pain, anxiety, and discomfort, which helps them in providing their clients with the care they deserve.

A compassionate caregiver will understand the reason why you aging parent is acting in a specific way, and hence, they will take care of them accordingly.  For example, if your loved one, who is struggling with knee pain, shouts at the caregiver once in a while, they will understand that because they are in pain, they are behaving this way. Therefore, they will likely take the necessary steps to keep them in a good mood.  

High-Level of Professionalism

Another crucial quality that the in-home caregiver must have is high-level of professionalism. It’s a quality that every individual should have, irrespective of who they are and what kind of job they have.  People with quality training and a high level of professionalism end up excelling at what they do, and the same applies to in-home caregivers. A well trained and professional caregiver, will always go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. They may even do things that you don’t expect from them but that help your loved one.  This kind of service which will eventually give you that much-needed peace of mind.

Great Passion

There is little doubt that if a caregiver is not passionate about their work, they won’t be able to provide the best care to your loved one. So, it’s necessary for you to book someone who is remarkably passionate about what they do. Since taking care of the daily needs of an aging person is not a simple task; therefore, it’s imperative for you to look for a person, who gets immense happiness by making others feel good.

Extreme Commitment  

The caregiver that you book should be committed to making your parents happy by fulfilling their needs.  They should always look for creative ways to bring that much-needed smile on your loved one’s face. It’s true that a senior, suffering from a mental or physical problem can get frustrated even on a small thing; therefore, the caregiver in question should try to find new ways to keep them happy and satisfied.

They should always focus on the things that are good for your aging parent. For example, if your loved one is suffering from hip pain, if appropriate in the treatment regimen, the caregiver should help them walk and keep them engaged while walking to distract them from the pain. Since physical activities help in strengthening the flexibility and mobility, the caregiver should encourage and help your parents to perform them when appropriate.

Professional in-home caregivers can also provide many other duties than the ones listed above including lawn care, house cleaning, transportation and more.  When interviewing prospective caregivers, you should be sure to mention all the different types of assistance you will need for your loved. This way, you can help make sure the agency or caregiver you will be working with can provide the exact care needed.