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Senior Care Services

Daily Living Activities

Piedmont HomeHealth is here to provide you the caring assistance you need to allow a loved one to live at home, whether they need a little help with daily tasks or even around the clock care.

Our services always begin with an initial home visit by a nurse to help come up with a personalized care plan designed specifically for your loved one. We provide all the necessary medical care and support each client needs, while working to keep them active in areas where it is safe and they are capable. Through it all, each client’s dignity and pride is of the utmost importance.

Where We Can Help:


We keep our clients moving, safely and at their own speed. Whether it’s a trip down the hall with a walker or a walk in Tanglewood Park with only the assistance of a cane. We know how important physical activity is for mental and physical health.

Transfer Assistance

As trained professionals, we can help your loved one stay safe doing those tasks that seem so simple but can be taxing for the elderly, whether it’s getting from the bed to a chair, using the bathroom, or getting in and out of a vehicle.


We create a customized routine based on any physical limitation the client faces, from setting up a shower chair for an independent shower to total in-bed baths.

Personal Hygiene

We help complete tasks such as shaving, brushing teeth, cleaning dentures or hearing aids, and combing hair, all so your loved one looks and feels their best.


What seems like a simple chore can be taxing if you have trouble maintaining stability or get tired easily. We are there for whatever the client needs, whether it’s a strong arm to lean on or help getting dressed.

Continence Care

We assist as necessary with bathroom needs, incontinence and catheter bags, helping your loved one keep clean and healthy, while maintaining their dignity.