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Senior Care Services

Medication Management

Medications are important; from managing pain to lowering cholesterol to minimizing the effects of heart disease. But they’re only effective if taken as prescribed. Medication reminders are part of our standard service delivery, but as timelines and instructions get more complicated, or the patient has Alzheimer’s or dementia, you might consider Medication Management. With Piedmont HomeHealth’s Medication Management program, we provide professional help to ensure that your loved one is taking the right medications at the right times.

How it Works

Creating a Personalized Plan.

Our Director of Nursing will review your loved one’s medications with you and the prescribing physicians.

Keeping Safety a Priority.

To ensure timely delivery, all medications will be transferred to our preferred pharmacy, delivered to our office and stored securely. At our offices, the medications are separated and put into weekly pill dispensers by our nursing staff. The medications are then brought to the home by the caregiver and kept in a safe place, locked if necessary, until time to administer them. The in-home lockbox that’s available adds one more level of safety. Since only caregivers know the code, there’s no worry of a client accidentally taking additional or incorrect doses.

Administering the Medications.

Every time a client takes their medication it is tracked on a Medication Administration Record (MAR), which lists the client’s name, their personal data, all allergies, the schedule of medications, dosages, how they should be administered and what each pill should look like. This ensures accurate delivery of medication with checks and balances in place, as well as a nurse review of all medications given.

Medication Management is service we offer in addition to our standard plan of care for clients who need more than just a reminder to take their medicine.